Who we are & what we do

Meetings of the Parish Council are held monthly, on a Monday evening with virtual meeting technology please check the "What's on" for dates.

Code of Conduct


Standing Orders

  • Standing Orders (PDF, 244 Kb)

    The Standing Orders explains how the Council operates.


You can find all of the council's policies here.

Working Parties/Commitees/Wardens


Finance: Cllr. Hargreaves & Cllr. Wykes
G.D.P.R: Cllr. Everard & Cllr. Pape & Cllr. Lodge
Highways: Cllr. Jelley & Cllr. Macredie
Internal Controls: Cllr. Jelley & Cllr. Hargreaves & Cllr. Wykes
Neighbourhood Watch: Cllr. Lodge
Parish Street lights: Cllr. Jelley
Planning sub committee: Cllr Lodge & Cllr. Everard & Cllr Wykes & Cllr Weller
Public Transport. to be confirmed
Rights of Way: Cllr. Everard
Rural Forum: Cllr. Macredie
Tree Warden: Cllr Macredie & Cllr Weller
Village Hall: Cllr Hobson & Cllr. Pape & Cllr. Lodge & Cllr. Wykes
Neighbourhood Plan: Cllr. Lodge
Footpath Warden: Mrs Kate Everard

Our committees have specific tasks and can have delegated powers.

Our Staff

Clerk to the Council - Mrs Julie Wykes

Clerk to the Council - Mrs Julie Wykes

43 Isham Road
01536 790744