In preparation for the submission to Kettering Borough Council, we have now included the links to the Parish Plan documents produced by the Parish Council. The Neighbourhood Plan will be based on the document produced in 2003 and the update in 2012. Comments and findings from the recent presentation in the Village Hall will be incorporated prior to submission.

Update 10th Feb 2020

A meeting was held between Kettering Borough Council and the working group to discuss the latest updates to the Neighbourhood Plan. The May 2018 version of the Plan was presented and discussed. KBC recommended some changes and updates which were implemented and checked through. A Working Group meeting was held to finally review and agree on the content of the document.

The current version (Version 4) dated Feb 2020 will now be officially presented to KBC so that they can start their review and approval process. The actual procedure for production and approval, and incorporation of a Neighbourhood Plan can be found in section 1.5 'Route Map' of the document.