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The precept for 2021/22 was £13,408

The precept for 2020/21 was £13,271

The precept for 2019/20 was £12,000

The precept for 2018/19 was £9,582

The precept for 2017/18 was £8,000.

The precept for 2016/17 was £7,500.

The Precept for 2015/16 was £7,500.

The precept is discussed by the Finance Working Group and then approved at the January meeting of the Parish Council each year.


Financial Regulations

Internal Control Checks

  • Internal Control Procedure (PDF, 182 Kb)

    It is a requirement that the Parish Council ensures that its' financial management is adequate and effective and that the council has a sound system of internal control which facilities the effective exercise of their functions and which includes arrangements for the management of risk. Reviewed and adopted on 6th July 2020

  • Internal Controls Audit April (PDF, 401 Kb)

    Internal Controls Check Form undertaken on 24th April 2021

  • Internal Controls Audit January (PDF, 411 Kb)

    Internal Control Check Form (Undertaken January 16th 2021)


During 2020/21 Pytchley Parish Council received the following grant:

* Ward Initiative Fund KBC - an application was submitted to the Ward Initiative Fund at KBC for a £300 grant towards the cost of purchasing a defibrillator for the Village

During 2017/18 Pytchley Parish Council received the following grants:

* Groundwork UK - an application was submitted to Groundwork UK to assist the Parish Council with its Neighbourhood Plan and was awarded £3.447.00; and

* Transparency Fund for Smaller Local Authorities - Pytchley Parish Council applied to the Transparency Fund for Small Local Authorities in January 2018 to support and comply with transparency legislation, and was awarded £2,440.00.

Expenditure over £100

A full list of expenditure is noted in the minutes of council meetings.

Fixed Assets

The Council owns a Speed Sign (VAS) and a laptop computer and software, a Bench Seat, a Notice Board in High Street, Notice Board in Lower End and a Defibrillator sited in the Overstone Arms car park

Contracts Awarded

The Council currently has no contracts.